Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sorry for the delay!

Hello everyone! May be a bit late to say but happy new year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the new year!

Now, sadly I haven't posted since December 1st. I just didn't have time to do the Christmas series weekly and do other post's in between! Should of gave some warning but again didn't so sorry!!

The good news is, now I am going to start blogging again and posting on my instagram which by the way has a new name - @thegirlwhoblogs

Over the past few days I've been watching loads of youtube videos and it made me miss blogging and made me realise how much I want to start a Youtube channel so I'm doing my blog because I love it and also in the hope of making some Youtube videos out of it!

So sorry for the delay but keep looking for my new post which will be out later!

Love, Libs xxx

Monday, 1 December 2014

Warm up for Christmas // Christmas Series

Hello my lovelies! I am very excited to be writing this post as it is the first ever post apart of my Christmas Series! I hope you all enjoy it and keep looking on my blog daily to check to see when the next post is up!

 Are you  the type of person that likes feeling Christmassy? But you can't get into the Christmas mood, even though you have watched Elf endless time's? Me too! This post is so that EVERYONE get's into the Christmas mood!!

How to get into the Christmas mood then??

  1. Watch a Christmas movie
There is so many Christmas movie's that are perfect to watch to get you in the mood for Christmas! How about Elf? But, if you're like me you would of watched Elf 6000 time's already and you're probably watching it whilst reading this post? I'm watching it while writing this post! 

So if Elf isn't the one? Why not try:
  • Frozen (duhhh!)
  • Snow Buddies (Kinda weird choice but it get's me in the Christmas mood!)
  • The Polar Express
  • The Santa Clause
  • Santa  Clause 2
  • Bad Santa
And this list could go on, but I don't want to bore you! Next thing to get into the Christmas mood..

2. Light Christmas Candles

I think Candles make everything feel Christmassy even if it's in the Summer! But they still feel extra special on Christmas! You can light any candle! It can be Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate or even a Christmas scent!

3. Read Christmas themed books

This is also a great way to get in the Christmas mood! Some of you, like me might not like reading but you should give it a try! Try reading some of these Christmas themed books....
  • The night before Christmas
  • How the grinch stole Christmas
  • The Polar Express
  • A Christmas carol

4. Listen to Christmas music!

If you're still not in a Christmas mood then try listening to some classic's?!

  • Slade - Merry Xmas everyone
  • Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas 
  • Ariana Grande - Santa tell me 
And lot's more!

5. Decorate!

Decorating your house/room makes everywhere feel festive and it makes you feel festive? Here's how you can decorate!

  • Put up your Christmas tree - If it's early, so what! You're ready for Christmas!
  • Print of Christmas pictures and hang them on your wall
  • Hang up decorations which you have around the house
  • Go to a shop - Choose a shop with lot's of Christmas decoration's out! - Homesense is my favourite!
6. Get an advent calender!

We all know that when the advent calender's are out it means it's Christmas! So go out and buy yourself one!! 

That's all I can think of! - Only joking..I can think of 100 more tips but I don't want to bore you! So, I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Series post! I can't wait to write my next post!

Libs xxx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Interview with 'Secret Girly Life'

Hello everyone! Tonight I have a different style post for you all..
Tonight's post is an interview with 'Secret Girly Life' Hope you all enjoy!

1. How long have you had your blog for?
Not long only a week or two
2. Who inspired you to start blogging? 
Zoella inspired me because I watch and read all her blog's and it all looks so much fun!
3. How do you come up with post ideas?
I usually post about things that happen in the day or things that I'm going to do, sometimes I include my recent purchases too!
4. Why do you like blogging?
Because it's such a fun thing to do, it's a fun way to share my feeling and make other people happy too!
5. Do you have any Christmas themed post's coming up?
Yes, In fact I'm baking Christmas cookies on Friday so there shall be a blog post on them!
6. What are your favourite blog's?
I would have to say Zoella and Milk bubble tea their the blog's I read most (And yours too!) - Zoella, Milk Bubble Tea and Libs White!

Go check out Secret Girly Life's blog! --- ---

I hope you all enjoyed this post as it was something different! If you have anymore post idea's Email me or ask me on Instagram:
@pastellibs or @florallibs

And if YOU want to be interviewed on my blog do the same, Email me, DM me on Instagram or leave a comment on my blog and I will get back to you!

Thanks for reading, keep looking out for new post's!
Libs xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

Winter outfit idea's - A day out!

Hello everyone! I decided to do a post today because I just reached 100 page views on one of my first ever post's - October Favourites read it here! So today's post is Winter Outfit Ideas because the morning's are cold now, nights are cold, we are nearly in December which mean's Christmas and so it's officially Winter which means it's perfect timing to do this post! Hope you enjoy!

I made this outfit on Polyvore, Polyvore for those of you who don't know is such a good site; you can create clothing set's using clothes from any shop!

I am going to be doing lots of these post's in the upcoming week's/day's!

Here is the first outfit for a day out!

This outfit is perfect for the winter because it's simple, easy and super cute! It start's off with a jumper from for £29. This is such a warm jumper and because it's a gorgeous cream colour it matches any colour skinnies!

Next is some simple ripped skinny genes. They are from and they cost £115. Ripped jeans are perfect for the winter because they are really stylish and again match any outfit you wish to wear them with! I love skinny's in the winter, autumn, spring - any season and ripped ones are so stylish so they are perfect!

These boot's are perfect for winter and I adore these boot's and these style of boot's! They are a lovely baige/brown colour and are ankle boots, these are good because you can wear frilly socks with them and they would look super cute as you could see the fill's above. These costed £160 from

Now onto the gorgeous bag! This bag matches the boot's, skinny's and matches the scarf which I will talk about in a this bag is perfect for winter and going out because you can wear it on your shoulder or have it on your side. And, this bag was from for £545 so it's an extremely expensive bag so it's amazing!

Finally is the scarf I decided to add into this set. The scarf is super fashionable and matches all the clothes well and the colour's don't clash which is a good thing. This scarf is from and cost's £275, again pretty expensive so must be amazing!

As you can see around the picture I included some Christmas decor and a Yankee candle, these are the prices and where they can be found! -

  • Light's - - £19.00
  • Present's decorated with light's - - £42.00
  • Yankee Candle Christmas eve - - £20.00
  • Hanging decor - - £18.00
I hope you enjoyed this post and keep look out for more post's like this to come!

Thank's for reading,
Libs xx

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pamper Evening Tips!

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is going to be Pamper Evening Tips. I'm sorry I have not posted for a whole week I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog properly! But now I do have the chance to blog...Hope you enjoy this post!

We all have those day's when we're tired, fed up, feeling under the weather or just want to do something nice?! The way to treat yourself is a Pamper Evening! Just light some candles, run a hot bath, watch a film...anything to relax yourself!

Now, I love Pamper Evening's! I love lighting candles, having a hot bath and just relaxing! I tend to have Pamper Evening's night's before my Cross Country races as they tend to keep me calm but I do them whenever I feel like it to be honest! But I'm just going to talk you through a basic Pamper Evening routine and some tips on how to make it even better!

  • Light you're favourite candle/s
  • Run a extremely deep and warm bath
  • Use bucket's of bubble bath
  • Face mask during or after bath
  • Bath bomb!
  • Relax!
  • Read a book
  • Watch a film
  • Paint your nails 
  • Make amazing hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows! (duh!)
  • Watch your favourite TV series or a film on Netflix
  • Apply moisturiser
  • Use a moisturiser you rarely use
  • Order pizza?! (Or just make some food!)
  • Watch Youtubers (Then fall asleep!)
So, pretty basic I guess. That's what I do usually or want to do, I don't tend to order pizza or make food but one of these day's I will do exactly what the list above says!

Here's some tips to make your pamper evening even better!

  • Use a rare moisturiser - An expensive one you have always wanted. Use it on a Pamper Evening as it will make you feel even nicer and make the night more special!
  • Buy a posh or new type of bubble bath - This again makes the night feel even more special and makes the bath smell nicer!
  • Bath bombs! - Use 2 or 3 bath bombs, use a wand from Lush?! Do or use anything to make the bath a different colour, preferably pink because it's always nice to have pink bath water!
  • How to make amazing hot chocolates?! - Get a hot chocolate of your choice, get mini marshmallows (or regular) and just fill your cup with hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows!!
  • Starbucks or Costa?! - If you don't want hot chocolate then buy a mini sachet of a Costa or Starbucks powder and add whipped cream for a Starbucks effect!
Hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope it helped you get some Pamper Evening tip ideas! 
Thank you for reading! 

Libs xx

Friday, 7 November 2014

Weekly favourites

Hello everyone! Today's post is my Weekly Favourites! For those of you who don't know, this post is just about things I have been loving this week! So, hope you enjoy! 

First up, recently I have been loving Yankee candles! I recently got this mini flower shaped candle and it's in the scent 'Vanilla Honey' I love it so much! You light these by buying this cute little white candle stand. You light a candle underneath and it heats up the mini Yankee. It makes my room smell so so nice! And the little candle holder is re usable. I got this only from Tesco for £3.50! So it was super cheap! 

My new favourite, is a gorgeous necklace from Topshop! I love this necklace so much, it's so pretty and beautifully decorated. I got this in the Topshop jewellery sale for only £2.50! I was so lucky to get this because I love Topshop jewellery! 

Next is something perfect for Autumn time! These are Chelsea boots which I got from River Island for £40! These are so perfect because they match literally any outfit! skinny's, jumper, top?! Anything! I love these as well because they are so comfy and make you look mega tall which is so good! 

I love the next thing on my favourites! It's a 'Cool Melon Fresco bath/shower gel' This smells so beautiful and I love it! I got this from Tesco (I get alot of thing's from Tesco!) This was £2.50 and it comes in a gorgeous little/cute bottle, and last's so long! Also works as a bubble bath! 

Next, is this 'Clinique moisture surge' I got this just as a sample because lately I have had really dry and rashy skin. I got this the other week and I use it daily. Day and night and already my skin has cleared up perfectly! I definatly recommend this to anyone who suffers/gets rashy or dry skin

Hope you enjoyed my post! Thank you for reading! 

Libs xx

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn Essentials

Hello! It's Wednesday - which means a new post for you all! Hope you all enjoyed my previous post which was 'October Favourites' If you haven't read it then click here to read it! Today's post is going to be....Autumn Essentials! Hope you all enjoy!

First thing I think is essential in Autumn is fluffy socks and slippers! This is because in Autumn it tends to get quite cold throughout the season so it's good to have fluffy socks and slippers near by!

They just keep your feet so warm and cosy and also I love fluffy socks, you can get so many cute design's and patterns on them!

Next on my Autumn Essentials list is Boots. Everyone, and I mean everyone has to own a pair of boots! Weather they are Doc. Martens or just normal boots they are perfect for autumn! 

These are my Chelsea Boots, I got them from River Island for £40 and I love them!!

Boots are perfect for the autumn because they go with simply ANY outfit! Weather it's skinny's  or a skirt, jumper or a crop top they match any outfit!

Speaking of jumpers...they are next on my essentials list! Here is some of my favourite jumpers which are perfect for autumn!

I love to wear jumpers in the autumn because they are so fluffy and cosy and go perfect with a scarf, skinny's and boots!

Now, instead of listing all my favourites with pages of writing I'm just going to post pictures of my essentials down below!

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Thank you for reading! xx